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 B  Sawtooth Star Spectrum - PTN40110

 I  Stonehenge Skylight - FREE DOWNLOAD

 C  Quilter's Stonehenge - FREE DOWNLOAD

 C  Versatile Tote - Sewing Is My Happy Place - FREE DOWNLOAD

 I  Prairie Reflections - FREE PATTERN

 B  Ocean Fun - PTN5022

 B  Mermaid Playground - PTN40112

 C  Under The Sea - PTN40113

 I  Woodland Trellis - PTN2807

 B  Outlook - PTN2806

 C  Denim Comfort - PTN2817

 C  Star Spangled (USA Only) - PTN2818

 C  Best Blooms - PTN2739

 I  Sunken Garden - PTN2738

 C  Periwinkle Perennials - PTN2737

 B  Mingo Garden - PTN2813

 C  Flamingo Dance - PTN2812

 C  In Stitches - PTN2805

 C  The Essential Tote - PTN2822

 B  Catey Hawk - PTN2821

 I  Grassland Gala - PTN2820

 C  Barn Dance - PTN2819

 B  Stacked - PTN2801

 B  Itsy Bitsy Easy Projects - PTN2800

 C  Rows of Fun with Squares and Triangles - PTN2799

 I  Dream Village - PTN2811

 C  Once Upon a Time On-The-Go Playset Quillow - PTN2810

 C  Roll and Go Play Mat - PTN2795

 B  Race you to Town - Playmat - PTN2794

 I  Mama and Me - PTN2804

 C  Show Off - PTN2803

 B  Borderline - PTN2802

 B  Color Fusion - PTN2797

 C  Precious Metals - PTN2798

 C  Railway Crossing - FREE DOWNLOAD

 I  Thousand Islands - PTN2796

 C  Love a Panel - PTN2816

 C  Frosted Forest - PTN2814

 C  Fractions - PTN2815

 C  Focus Pocus - PTN2809

 C  Star-Crossed - PTN2808

 B  Mosaic - PTN5021

 B  Bloomin' - PTN5020

 I  Charlotte's Garden - PTN40111

 B  Modern Medley Runner - PTN40109

 C  Rainbow Mountain - PTN5025

 C  Sunset At Sea - PTN5026

 I  Sparkling Stars - PTN40106

 C  Crossed Tulips - PTN40107

 C  Rocking Robots - PTN5023

 C  Chatterbox - PTN5024

 B  Atomic Robots - PTN40108