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Coral Beach - PTN1408

Nellie Holmes & Christine Baker of Upper Canada Quiltworks

Size: 77" x 99"

Fabric Requirements:

20475M-23 (Backing)


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Fright Night - PTN5031

Too Cute to Spook - PTN5030

Snow Day - PTN40131

Scandinavian Christmas - PTN5042

Squares Afloat - PTN5043

Liberty - PTN40123

Patriotic Picnic - PTN5034

Patriotic Celebration Table Topper / Wall Hanging - PTN40124

Table Runner American Spirit - PTN40122

Apothecary Twist - PTNB0259

Apothecary Parquet - PTNB0260

Apothecary Mosaic - PTNB0258

Apothecary Glasswork - PTNB0261

Festival - PTNB0240

Tango Tote - PTNB0269

Flipped Runner & 4 Placemats - PTNB0249

Wear it Proudly - PTNB0250

Windy City - PTNB0251

Pacific Splash

Stars and Bars Sampler - PTNB0252

Snowbirds - PTNB0254

Beaver Bricks - PTNB0253

Flipped Runner & 4 Placemats - PTNB0249 (CANADA)

Equal Rights - PTNB0238

Bamboo Grove - PTNB0237

Bamboo Blues - PTNB0239

Newport Sails

The Voyager Bag - PTNB0271

Streaming Stars - PTNB0241


Archer - PTNB0242 (Destination - Greece)

Archer - PTNB0242 (Destination - Arctic Circle)

Star Shine - PTNB0243 (Destination - Greece)

Star Shine - PTNB0243 (Destination - Arctic Circle)

Triple Play Wall Hanging & Runner - PTNB0244 (Destination - Greece)

Triple Play Wall Hanging & Runner - PTNB0244 (Destination - Arctic Circle)

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Fractions - PTNB0246

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Basically Black + White - PTN40145

A Splash of Color - PTN40147

Radiant - PTN40138

Pinwheel Pizazz - PTN40137

Twisted - PTN40139

Dino Days - PTN40142

Prehistoric Playground - PTN40143

Kaleidosaurs - PTN40144

Lily's Garden - PTN40134

Geese in the Garden - PTN40136

Carefree Table Runner & Placemats - PTN40135

Bunny Blankie - PTN40140

Bunnies for Baby - PTN40141

Andromeda Sampler - PTNB0288

Milky Way Runner - PTNB0289

Supernova Tote Bag - PTNB0290

Fruit Salad - PTNB0293

On Point

Pinwheel Puzzle

Incognito - PTNB0291

Broken Windows - PTNB0292 (Houndstooth Plaid)

Broken Windows - PTNB0292 (Brush Strokes NEW)

Dancing Diamonds

Reconnection Quilt

X Marks The Spot

Churn Dash Star

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Crossings - PTNB0276

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Come Fly With Me - PTNB0278

Daisy Medallion

The Long Crawl - PTNB0284

Starlit Courtyard - PTNB0285

Rainbow Refraction - PTNB0272

Knotted - PTNB0273

Butterfly Town

Pinballs - PTNB0281

Home By The Hearth - PTNB0282

Hedge Rows - PTNB0283

Unchained Melody - PTNB0286

Echo Point Runner & 4 Placemats - PTNB0287


The Violet Quilt

Diamonds Are Forever - PTNB0294

Four Square - PTNB0295

Bodacious Button Bag - Banyan Classics NEW - PTN0296

Radiance Medallion V

Modern Weave - PTNB0297

Bending Boughs

Cattle Call

Catching Some Zzz's - FREE DOWNLOAD

48 Doughty Street - PTN40163

Neutral Territory - PN40162

Nuances - PTN40164

Pretty in Pinks - PTN40149

Love and Luck - PTN40151

Love is in the Air - PTN40148

Lovestruck - PTN40150

Celtic Pathways - PTN40152

Lucky Day - PTN40153

Chicks in the Garden - PTN40156

Spring Chickens - PTN40154

Springtime Pinwheel - PTN40155

Wild Goose Chase - PTN40165

Posey Patch - PTN40167

Sorbet Starburst - PTN40166

Reach for the Stars - PTN40170

Cosmos - PTN40169

Space Walk - PTN40168

Little Explorers - FREE DOWNLOAD

Cat's Pajamas - PTN40157

For the Love of Cats - PTN40158

Catercorner - PTN5045

Flawed Diamonds - PTNB0314

Bangles and Beads - PTNB0315

Copenhagen - PTNB0316

Pharaoh's Diamond - PTNB0317

Nina Bag - Quilt Inspired Borders

Dash Lanes - Quilt Inspired Borders - FREE DOWNLOAD

Madison's Star - Quilt Inspired Borders - FREE DOWNLOAD

Indigo & Copper - PTNB0310

The Elena Quilt

Tourist Tote - Memory Lane

Keene Valley Lap Quilt - PTNB0304

Sunset Stroll - PTNB0305

Knotted Runner - PTNB0303

Prairie Daisy Chain - PTNB0306

Honeycomb Flowers - PTNB0307

Charming Stars - PTNB0308

Halo - PTNB0309

Flower Power - PTNB0324

Cascade - PTNB0302

Speck in the Eye - PTNB0300

Morse Code - PTNB0323

Shooting Marbles - PTNB0301

Contained - PTNB0318

Envy - PTNB0319

Cosmic Explosion Runner - PTNB0320

Glowing Under - PTNB0322

Izzie Convertible Backpack - Stargazer

Brilliance - PTNB0321

Botanical Eyelet - PTNB0298

Norway Point - PTNB0299

Plaid Plus


Star Light Star Bright

Preservation - PTNB0313

Dinner Party

On The Wild Side - PTNB0312

Tuffet - On The Wild Side

Solare BOM

20 Minute Infinity Scarf - Love To Wear Rayon NEW - FREE DOWNLOAD

Love and Luck (Love Is In The Air) - PTN40151