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Daphne Greig of Patchworks Studio

Daphne can't remember a time when sewing and needlework were not part of her life. She started making dresses for her Barbie doll when she was 6 years old and made all her own and her children's clothes for many years. She also enjoyed knitting and embroidery; winning many awards for her creations.

It was an opportunity to take a one-day quilting class in 1985 that lead to her career as a quilter, designer, author and educator. Quilting started as a hobby, but turned into her passion and business.

Daphne has written five quilting books, filmed an instructional DVD teaching her Give & Take Appliqué™ technique and she has designed hundreds of patterns through her company Patchworks Studio. Daphne's expertise with using quilt design software resulted in her being the first pattern designer invited to create patterns for Northcott to market directly to shops around the world.

Designing quilts is a major part of Daphne's career. However, teaching and interacting with students is one of the many joys in her life. She loves meeting students who share the same passion for fabric and creativity. She has taught at major quilting conferences including International Quilt Festival, AQS Shows in Paducah, Nashville and Des Moines and Quilt Canada. She also teaches at retreats, guilds and for shops throughout North America. She has developed several online workshops at the Academy of Quilting and has sailed the high seas, teaching on 6 Quilting Cruises.

Daphne's goal as a teacher is to encourage students to try new techniques, expand their skills and most importantly, to have fun and enjoy the creative process.



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