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Fernanda Motta

Fernanda Motta was born and raised in Brazil. Her favorite activities as a child were arts and crafts. She loved to draw and paint, including the walls and floors of her parents' house. After graduating with a degree in Advertising she decided to devote her time to develop as an independent artist focusing on a variety of handcrafted items such as candles, soaps, paper mâché, and then sewing! Sewing captured her imagination so much so that she started to collect textiles. Wherever she traveled, she collected fabric. Between her friends travels and her own, Fernanda amassed quite a collection of fabrics from around the world.

In 2017, Fernanda moved to Canada to study Interactive Media Design at Seneca College. Upon graduation she joined the Northcott team, grateful for the opportunity to combiner her love of art and fabric. Fernanda’s creative spirit shines in all that she does, especially in her fabric design. Fernanda now resides in Toronto with her husband and their cherished dog, Rocky.

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