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Joanne Kerton of Canuck Quilter Designs

Joanne Kerton was bitten by the quilting bug almost 20 years ago, paper piecing and hand quilting her first quilt over the course of a year and a half. Joanne enjoys playing with shapes, colours and layouts, and figuring out the math that goes with them.
Having only dabbled with them in quilt design for 15 years, she started sharing them as patterns in 2013, and has published over 20 stand alone patterns. Joanne has had designs published in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, quilting catalogs and given talks and quilting classes.
A proud Canadian, Joanne currently resides in Iowa.

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Patterns by this Designer
PTN3324 - Focus Squared

PTNB0484 - Starfall

PTNB0491 - Hovering

PTN5138 - Woven Kisses

PTNP097 - Positivity Squared

PTN3409 - Modern Lace

Sprinkled - PTNP068

Echo Point - PTN3318

Leading Edge - PTN3309

Snow Dreams - PTN3217

Rush - PTN3172

Ripples Cubed - PTNB0389

Prairie Mix - PTNB0354

Tic Tac Who? - PTN5059

Cascade - PTNB0302

Shiny Blossoms - PTN2979

Echo Point Runner & 4 Placemats - PTNB0287

Knotted - PTNB0273

Starlit Courtyard - PTNB0285

Crossings - PTNB0276

Connecting Geese - PTNB0275

Polarized - PTN2972

Flipped Runner & 4 Placemats - PTNB0249 (CANADA)

Flipped Runner & 4 Placemats - PTNB0249

Fresh Wrapped - PTN2908

Ripples Cubed - PTN2892

Stellar Stacks - PTN2848

I Spy Lanterns - PTN2839

Geese Across the Table - PTN2852

On The Fence

Breadcrumbs Runner & Placemat