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Jean Nolte for Patrick Lose Studios

Quilting for nearly thirty years, Jean nolte is always excited to try a new technique. Her fabric stash contains more yardage than she can possibly use in a lifetime, but she is having lots of fun trying. When not quilting, Jean loves to travel, knit, and spend time with her family. Jean is the Product Director for Fons & Porter.

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Patterns by this Designer
PTN40206 - Easter Wishes

PTN40205 - Stacked Triangles

PTN40199 - Irish Star

PTN40204 - Dutchmans Puzzle

PTN40202 - Vestige

PTN40200 - Sweet Love

Solstice Snowflakes - PTN40192

Slices - Black or White - PTN40191

Lovey Dovey Quilt - PTN40184

Madison's Garden Quilt - PTN40185

Connemara Quilt - PTN40183

Bunny Bouquet Runner & Placemat - PTN40189

Colorful Cables - PTN40188

Gold Dust Stars - PTN40182

Prismatic Quilt - PTN40180

Night Owl Quilt - PTN40179

Jolly Holiday - PTN40176

For the Love of Cats - PTN40158

Cat's Pajamas - PTN40157

Space Walk - PTN40168

Cosmos - PTN40169

Reach for the Stars - PTN40170

Sorbet Starburst - PTN40166

Posey Patch - PTN40167

Wild Goose Chase - PTN40165

Springtime Pinwheel - PTN40155

Spring Chickens - PTN40154

Chicks in the Garden - PTN40156

Lucky Day - PTN40153

Celtic Pathways - PTN40152

Lovestruck - PTN40150

Love is in the Air - PTN40148

Pretty in Pinks - PTN40149

Neutral Territory - PTN40162

48 Doughty Street - PTN40163

Bunnies for Baby - PTN40141

Bunny Blankie - PTN40140

Carefree Table Runner & Placemats - PTN40135

Geese in the Garden - PTN40136

Kaleidosaurs - PTN40144

Prehistoric Playground - PTN40143

Dino Days - PTN40142

Twisted - PTN40139

Pinwheel Pizazz - PTN40137

Radiant - PTN40138

A Splash of Color - PTN40147

Basically Black + White - PTN40145

On The Plus Side - PTN40146

Table Runner American Spirit - PTN40122

Patriotic Celebration Table Topper / Wall Hanging - PTN40124

Liberty - PTN40123

Snow Day - PTN40131

Halloween Hex Table Topper - PTN40126

Beggars' Night Buddies Throw Quilt - PTN40125

Bright Christmas Runner - PTN40128

Tis The Season Throw Quilt - PTN40127

Sweater Weather Table Topper - PTN40130

Autumn on the Square Table Topper - PTN40129

Pinwheel Prisms - PTN40121

Springtime Table - PTN40118

Sanctuary - PTN40117

Lady of the Lake - PTN40116

Wavelength - PTN40119

Wintry Twilight - PTN40102

Black Diamonds - PTN40101