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Sharon Montgomery

Sharon Montgomery makes art for the gorgeous spaces you live in and the people you love. Including you. Yes you! Treating yourself to an original piece of art or high quality print is a wonderful thing.

Art elevates your mood, your living space, your life. Beauty makes you smile.

Sharon’s work is heavily influenced by her passion for colour and the natural world. Her current series of remembered landscapes are recollections of fragments of time and space. The feeling of light falling across land and sea, the whisper-quick flashes of colour in sky. A feeling of having experienced this landscape, this light, this space somewhere before. 

Sharon’s educational background is in Visual Art and Graphic Design. Her art has appeared on textiles, ceramics, paper napkins, greeting cards and book covers and is held in private collections across North America. 

Sharon lives, works and plays in Victoria, Canada. She releases new work frequently and occasionally teaches classes. Sign up to find out what and when. Newsletter subscribers are the first to know!

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