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Eileen Hoheisel of PineRose Designs

Eileen started quilting watching Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day after many years of sewing clothing for her family.  Several years ago she was fortunate enough to begin sewing samples for a quilt shop. It was the owner of the quilt shop who encouraged Eileen to put her scribbled instructions into pattern form.

Eileen chose PineRose Designs as her company name to honor her parents - her father loved the pine trees he lived amongst, and her mother loved flowers and sewing. Eileen also does custom sewing, either with a purchased pattern or designed to their wants. She has been asked many times where here inspiration comes from, but doesn’t know how to answer:

"I start playing in EQ7 and at times I’m amazed at where I end up, it just happens. Sometimes I’ll have leftover bits and pieces, and play in EQ7 until I figure out what to do with them. God gave me this talent and I thoroughly enjoy using it!"


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Patterns by this Designer
PTN3337 - Garden Chain

PTN3358 - Stacked Diamonds

PTN3357 - Just Goose-ing Around

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Squares Afloat - PTN3268

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All Stacked Up - PTN3239

Framed - PTN3211

Focused - PTN3208

Baker's Dozen Squared - PTNB0383

The Winding Way - PTN6027

Gathering Friends - PTN3156

Lanterns - PTN3155

Northstar Table Runner - PTNB0331

Kitty-Cornered - PTN3027

Radiate - PTN3032

Dazzle - PTN2997

Chain of Geese - PTN2980

Triple Play Wall Hanging & Runner - PTNB0244 (Destination - Arctic Circle)

Triple Play Wall Hanging & Runner - PTNB0244 (Destination - Greece)

Seeing Squares - PTN2960

Squares Afloat - PTN5043

Flying Home - PTN2871

Pinwheel Pirouette - PTNB0217

Borderline - PTN2802

Goose Chase - PTN2769

Mountain View - PTN2696

Country Roads - PTN2733

Seeing Squares - PTNB0203