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Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry

Jane Spolar of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, has been publishing Quilt Poetry patterns since the autumn of 2004. Her work has been featured in numerous quilting magazines.  She has also designed quilts which were featured in Janome's national advertising campaigns.

Jane believes that quilts are poetry in fabric. Every stitch lovingly taken is one of the simple joys of life. She's happy to be able to share her love with other quilters through her unique appliqué patterns.

A self-taught artist, Jane was thrilled at the prospect of designing fabric for Northcott. Jane has always been interested in the dynamics of the traditional folk arts of many cultures. They have influenced her love for color, curving, swirling shapes and the joyful feelings they invoke. This influence is evident in her first collection, “Bliss”, but she has translated them with her own distinctive flavor and style.

Jane has a family... husband Bill, son Joe and daughter-in-law Nicolle. Her family is her biggest support team and her greatest fans.  She's also a confirmed cat lover and has plenty of kitty help when she designs.


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Spice Garden - PTN609

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