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Ruth Ann Berry of Quilters Clinic

Ruth Ann owned and operated a small-town pharmacy for many years before converting her store into a quilt shop, The Quilter's Clinic. She enjoys writing quilt books and designing individual patterns representing a variety of styles and techniques.

Her focus is on composing quilt patterns designed to create the impression of motion and depth, especially Bargello and other 3D or geometric styles. She considers the shop to be her designer's studio where other people are invited to buy fabric. She has written two books so far and blogs at



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Patterns by this Designer
Holiday Hijinks - PTNP5111

Arpeggio - PTN5083

Calliope - PTNP5048

Gnarly - PTN3061

Glisten Up - PTN5037

Garland - PTN2911

Hooked - PTN2860

Periwinkle Perennials - PTN2737

Gears - PTN5010

Hopscotch - PTN2763

Panoramas - PTN2686

Levitation - PTNB0132

Reverie - PTN2532

Vista Boxes - PTN2574

Banyan Links - PTNB0091

Dublin Echoes - PTN2471