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Kim Peers-Moore

Kimberlee Peers-Moore was born in Ontario to a very creative family. Her father is a professional photographer, her mother is a college professor who teaches History of Fashion, her grandmother loved to sew and knit and her Aunt was a quilter. Surrounded by all of these artists Kim has always been a very creative person. When it was time to pick a career she decided on becoming a fashion designer and began by earning not one, but two diplomas from Seneca College.

The first in Fashion Arts, and the second in Costume Studies for film and television.  Her first job out of college was in the film industry where she had a blast working in wardrobe for film and television sets and meeting “the beautiful people.” She eventually realized that a regular 9-5 job was a bit more appealing than the 18 hour days she was working on set.  Her next role allowed her to take her fashion and design skills to Joe-Ella Fashions in Toronto where she worked as Head Designer for 6 years.

At Joe-Ella she designed fabric prints and specialty dresses – as well as everything a little girl would want in a wardrobe. This worked out rather nicely when she found out she was going to have a little girl!  After 6 years of fancy little dresses Kim moved from Joe-Ella Fashions to Northcott where she continues to create.  Her role as a Textile designer at Northcott is one that allows her to express her creativity daily.

Whether at work or at home Kim is always doing something creative - painting her nails with crazy designs (usually to match the last collection she is working on), baking and decorating cookies and cupcakes, cross stitching, sewing up a dress, or stuffed animal for her daughter Evelyn. Kim’s work life meshes completely with her latest obsession - piecing together an ambitious quilt!


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