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Solvejg Makaretz

Solvejg is a pattern surface designer passionate about drawing fun and witty patterns for a variety of products. After designing houses and bulildings for 25 years, she left architecture to start her own product line Trosko with the mission to fill homes with uplifting designs full of color and humor. In 2015 she was chosen as one of the design finalists of Martha Stewart's American Made competition.

Since then Solvejg has licensed her designs to various companies including Spotlight in Australia, Seabags LLC of Portland ME USA, Seawicks Candle Company of Boothbay Harbour ME USA, Hakuhodo in Japan, and Belted Cow Company of Yarmouth ME USA.

She finds inspiration for her patterns in nature, Scanrinavian design and folklore, children's books, and from the small moments of every day life.


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