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Hanna Bourque of Miss Winnie Designs

Miss Winnie Designs is modern; it’s traditional; it’s whatever it wants to be, frankly.

Miss Winnie Designs was started in 2017 by Hanna Bialik Bourque, who was inspired to name her company after her maternal great-grandmother, Winifred Hamilton (aka Miss Winnie)

Hanna is inspired by a spunky spirit and familial narrative to combine the refinement of quilting tradition with the audacity of post-modern exploration. She loves juxtaposition, which means she’s prone to combining elements, typically thought of as contradictory, into a whole which is stronger and more awesome than any of its parts. Other common motifs in her work are minimalism, nature, geometry, nostalgia, music, animals and unexpected but gorgeous colour-combinations.

Hanna lives in Lethbridge, Alberta and is driven crazy by her husband, Mike, her two sons, Cole & Luke, and dog and two cats. Hanna has her sights on growing and expanding her company in the coming years, including more patterns (quilting & accessories), finished products, fabric designing, and, well, pretty much anything she can get her hands on!

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Patterns by this Designer
Bloomin' - PTN3193

1000 Words - PTN3166

Inside Out - PTNP042

Drive Thru - PTN3197

Unparalleled - PTN3128

Grid Lock - PTNB0359

Square Peg - PTNP033

Arrowdynamic - PTN3114

Boxed In - PTN3062

1000 Words - PTN6017

Transitions - PTN2996

Inside Out - PTNP009

Stars Align - PTN2954 (Blue & Gold)

Stars Align - PTN2954 (Red & Gold)

Potluck - PTN5035

Invaders - PTN2888

Four O'Clock - PTN2878

Strong & Free - PTN2834

Bloomin' - PTN5020

Step by Step - PTN5008

Wish List - PTN5015

Arrowdynamic - PTN2764

Follow the Leader - PTN2729

Let's Do Lunch - PTNB0185

Prickly - PTNB0179


Seal Island Light - PTNB0119

Planted - PTNB0135

Earthquake - PTN2583

Wish You Were Here - PTN2620

Prickly - PTN2611

Rolling Hills - PTN2528

PTN2544 - Drive Thru Placemats & Table Topper

Vogue - PTN2570

In a Name - PTNB0147

Starboard - PTN2523

Brick House - PTN2451

Four O'Clock - PTN2455

1000 Words - PTN2460

Potluck - PTN2480

Parliament Squares - PTN2395

Just Add Ice - PTN 2415

NerDy - PTN2413

Candy Cane - PTN2362

Let's Do Lunch! - PTN2365