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Paul Twitchell

Paul Twitchell was born in South Central Idaho and at an early age moved to Northern Utah. As a youngster he was in the high mountain valleys or at various lakes or streams with his family. Fishing and hunting or just being in the outdoors occupied a large portion of the free time Paul had as he was growing up, and a love of the outdoors quickly developed. Paul was always off exploring a new or different canyon, trying a different fly or lure, or studying the habits of elk as cows and calves softly mewed to each other in high mountain meadows. This fascination with nature, love of the outdoors, and interest in photography and art evolved into the art you see today.

Paul studied art while attending Weber State University where he received a B.S. Degree in Botany and Zoology. Watercolor is Paul’s choice of medium, the transparency of the paint combined with the perpetual motion of the medium combine to create vivid representations that reflect serenity and action at the same time. Paul’s attention to detail and mixtures of colors combined with his use of light brings to life fish and wildlife in natural settings. Paul’s work is intended to recreate a small piece of nature and provide a medium for people to remember past experiences, dream of future encounters, or simply enjoy the light and colors that are so much a part of his artwork.

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