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Sara Lister of Ladeebug Design

Sara’s love of handmade design began as a small child playing with fabric scraps under her mother’s sewing machine. She started her first quilt at age 14 using those same fabric scraps. Since then, she has enjoyed many handmade arts including sewing, quilting, needle arts, scrap booking, and reclaimed/repurposed projects.

In 2011, Sara joined her Mom in a quilt shop venture and was instantly bit by the design bug. Her first creations grew out of a basic need for class projects and to sell fabric already on the shelves. However, it soon blossomed into more. Now Sara’s designs focus on projects that look difficult but always have a trick or twist that make them fun to make and not hard at all.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Sara now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, David, and daughter, Mackenzie. Family is everything to Sara and spending time with family rock climbing, eating a good dinner together, or playing games around the table are some of her favourite things.

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Patterns by this Designer
PTNB0493 - Crazy Cat Lady

PTNB0479 - Organic Flower Pots

PTN3392 - Curious Outlook

PTN3405 - Monochrome Shadow Boxes

PTN3406 - Monochrome Window

PTN3385 - Nooks And Crannies 3

PTN3384 - Mod Tri 3

PTN3416 - Retro New Math

PTN3359 - Tossed Pickleball Tiles

PTNP089 - Forage Shadow Boxes

PTN3361 - Celtic Fractures

Starry Wonder - PTN3269

All Dressed Up - PTN3260

Twisted Vice Versa - PTNP052

A Little Twisted Christmas - PTN3232

Christmas Cookies - PTN3266

Garden Window - PTN3190

Midas Tiles - PTN3184

Flower Pots Bloom - PTNB0367

New Shibori Math - PTNB0356

Inspired Tossed Tiles - PTN3152

Little Nooks & Crannies - PTN3122

Quarter Tiles - PTNP026

Honeycomb Flowers - PTNB0307

Flamenco Fractures - PTN3030

All Dressed Up - PTN3006

Paradise Window - PTN2975

Nooks and Crannies 2 - PTN2921

Love Patch - PTN2890

On The Block - PTN2945

Tiles - PTN2875

Tossed Tiles - PTN2865

New Math - PTNB0227

Illusions - PTNB0224

Blocks and Wheels - PTN2850

Colored Shadow Boxes - PTN2842

Outlook - PTN2806

Fractures - PTN2776

Crackers & Cheese - PTN2748

Mod Tri - PTNB0183

Royal Tiles - PTN2724

Shadow Boxes - PTNB0170

Vistas - PTN2687

Pine Needles - PTN2660

Nooks and Crannies - PTN2634

Memories - PTN2614

Marbleware - PTN2609

Flower Pots - PTN2531


My Sewing Box - PTN2569

Winding Way - PTN2541

New Math - PTNB0123

Home Is... - PTN2562

Hidden Boxes - PTN2512

Christmas Window - PTN2496

Christmas Collage - PTN2486

Down Bubble - PTN2398

All Dress Up -PTNB0082

Stained Glass - PTN2440

Circles & Stars - PTN2459

Right on Point - PTNB0102

Bargello Waves - PTN2475

Mod Tri - PTNB0093

Diamonds - PTNB0090

PTN2392 - Shadow Boxes

Microchips and Wires - PTNB0078

Window Frame - PTN2421

Tiles - PTN2390

Exploding X's & O's - PTNB0066

Brush Strokes - PTN2300

Stripes - PTN2367

Enchanted Windows - PTN2269

Snowballs - PTN2267

Star Struck - PTN2231

Vase Versa - PTN2235

Square Lines - PTN2233

Brush Lines - PTN2222

Word Play - PTN2187

Autumn's Row - PTN2080

Winter Window - PTN2072