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Lisa Amundson of Around the Bobbin

Lisa Amundson is from St. Paul, Minnesota. She has a background in writing and law, as well as many years of sewing experience. If you ask her about her first sewing project, she might tell you about her tan corduroy vest and matching swing skirt back in the '70s. 

Lisa didn't sew much after that home ec project, but she got back into it in the early '90s, making all the drapes for her house, her cabin and for her friends. She also sewed for her kids when they were little and particularly liked a Kwik Sew book, Sewing for Toddlers, because each pattern laid out the basic steps and how to improvise, which is what Lisa enjoyed most! 

A friend invited her on a quilting retreat in the early '90s and she got hooked. Her first quilt was from a book called Grandmother's Quilts, with absolutely no modern technique. Since Lisa only had time to work on it at retreats, it took her almost 10 years to finish. Since then, she has had fun making many more quilts, each one bringing new challenges and fun new fabrics.

Lisa’s bag making started when a friend complimented her fabric purse, which she had gotten from a purse party and was hand sewn for her. She told her friend how she got it and said, "We could make our own purses!" Soon after, they were sewing their own version of the purse. One thing led to another and Lisa was soon designing her own bags and eventually publishing patterns. Every Around the Bobbin bag pattern has some new construction method or technique. She puts a lot of time into creating instructions, diagrams and pictures to make each step as clear as possible so that new techniques can be made easier. Lisa says that it is a joy to design something new, to learn a new skill and play with fabric.

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