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Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis

Tammy has been quilting since 1991. She has also taught at a variety of quilt shops as well as online, and design and self-publish her own quilt patterns under the label Tamarinis. 

“I'm no different than most quilters - I enjoy working with almost any fabric. But I must confess - my favorites (the one that will make me drool, and blow a carefully constructed budget) are batiks, bold prints, and chicken prints. Having a background in art and literature, another of my guilty quilty pleasures is finding ways to use “words” in my work, be it in the fabric itself or by adding them to the piece. I am a Georgia native and currently live in Acworth with my husband, children (when they come to visit!), one grumpy dog, and my favorite fat cats.”
Under the label Tamarinis, Tammy’s designs are regularly published in a variety of quilt magazines, including Quilt, McCall’s Quilting, American Patchwork and Quilting,and Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. She also works with some of the major fabric manufacturers designing projects to showcase and promote their fabric lines, including Northcott and Fabri-Quilt.

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Patterns by this Designer
PTN3411 - Radiance

PTN3419 - Transcend

PTN3346 - Spice Market

PTN3351 - On The Water

PTN3363 - Chase Again

PTNP5122 - Catch A Falling Star

Mizzle - PTN5095

Framework - PTN3249

Taffy Twirl - PTNP5089

Juxtaposition - PTNP5063

Perpetual - PTN3140

Winter Woods - PTN3127

Spooled - PTN3134

Granny Squares - PTN3115

Taffy Twirl - PTNP030

Reflections - PTN3107

Jester - PTNP5058

Peyton Street - PTN3021

Jester - PTNP005

Argyle - PTN2959

Parquet - PTN2856

Wreathed - PTN2825

Diamond Dance - PTN2824

Steppe - PTN5013

Fizz - PTN5011

Midnight Reflection - PTN2744

Framework - PTN2703

The Buttery - PTN2662

Chrysalis - PTN2694

Perpetual - PTN2602

Sound Waves - PTN2553

Granny Squares - PTN2555

Silver Lining - PTN2539

Where my Heart Is - PTN2563

Nine Lives - PTN2499

Tartary - PTN1877

Solstice - PTN2445

Ashley Elayne - PTN2449

Paradise Cubed - PTN2461

Spinning Out - PTN2428

Peaks and Valleys - PTN2431

Catch a Falling Star - PTN2306

Strata - PTN2375

Night of Lights II - PTN2279

Festival - PTN2280

Fanciful - PTN2232

Tranquil - PTN2215

Calm - PTN2214

Star Spangled Banner - PTN2211

Sewing Basket - PTN2253

Water Lily - PTN2162

Simple Times - PTN2198

Journey - PTN2203

Mustache Bash - PTN2195

Boundaries - PTN2123

To the Right - PTN2121

Contempo - PTN2151

Shards - PTN2153

Tree Trimming - PTN2090

Pumpkin Harvest - PTN2086

Porch Swing - PTN2023

Hello! - PTN2048

Mad Science - PTN2021

Happy Hour - PTN2027

Winter Woods - PTN1935

Night of Lights - PTN1871

Tartary - PTN1877

Tall Timber - PTN1893

Playground - PTN1854

Ripple - PTN1867

Perchance - PTN1901

Dream Spinner - PTN1900

Treats - PTN 1812

Paradise Cubed - PTN1730