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Wanda Milankov of Wanda's Designs

The room is small, has no windows and is often cold, but it is Wanda Milankov's favourite place in the house. Some would call it a sewing room, but to Wanda it is her studio. Her best friends are there; Miss Pfaff, Mr. Stash and Sam the computer. They help Wanda create patterns for Wanda's Designs and provide inspiration for her art quilts. Of course, Wanda must leave the studio from time to time to teach at guilds, retreats and at the local quilt shop Thimbles and Things in Orillia, Ontario.

Wanda began quilt making in 1983 and has continued to grow as an artist and quilter because she is not afraid to try new techniques. She encourages quilters, both newcomers and the more experienced, to enjoy the process, to gather as much knowledge as possible and to challenge themselves with new techniques.

But to Wanda there is no place like her studio, especially when her man appears at the top of the stairs with a very welcomed cup of coffee. 

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