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Diane McGregor of Castilleja Cotton

Diane is the owner of Castilleja Cotton, a quilt pattern design company that has been in business since 1993. The company has over 600 patterns, many of which are designed for the novice quilter. After many years of sewing as a relaxing hobby, the world of quilting was revealed to Diane, who saw it as an opportunity to express some of her artistic ability.

Since then she has applied this creative artistry to create quilt patterns and original art quilts. She has an excellent ability to coordinate fabrics and colors into creative designs.  Her quilt patterns are available at many quilt stores across Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. 

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Patterns by this Designer
PTN5137 - Lucky Sixes

PTN3396 - Unicorn Sparkle Twin Quilt

PTN3383 - Midas Jewel Box

PTN6039 - French Chains Quilt

PTN3344 - Winter Games

PTNP079 - Linen TAW Quilt Pattern

Echoing Diamonds - PTNP074

Posy Carnival Hearts - PTNP5104

Horse Roundup - PTN3224

Loons in a Lily Pond - PTN3218

Floral Log Cabins Quilt - PTN3220

Bee Hives and Honey Quilt - PTN3230

Santa In Flight - PTN3254

Snow Folk Fun - PTN3238

Trick or Treat Quilt Pattern - PTN3209

Scribbles Baskets - PTNB0380

Six Diamonds - PTN5082

Bargello Garden Quilt - PTNP034

Wandering Path - PTNP037

Bloom On Point Minis - PTNP018

Cabin by the Lake - PTN3051

Frosty Polar Bears - PTN2985

Double Rising Peaks - PTN2968

Peppermint Christmas - PTN2932

Christmas Bouquets - PTN2922

Howdy Christmas - PTN2927

Autumn in the Air - PTN5036

Starry Squares Quilt Pattern - PTN5040

Aurora Animals - PTN2942

Lavender Rows - PTN2863

Gray Wolves - PTN2843

Flamingo Dance - PTN2812

Paws Stocking Quilt Pattern - PTN2785

Black Cat and Pumpkins - PTN2768

Christmas Horses Quilt Pattern - PTN2771

Eight FQ Trip Runner - PTN2762

Castles and Stars-PTN2594

Mountains In The Mist - PTN2513

Christmas Flowers - PTN2482

Christmas Bears - PTN2493

Sandy Beach - PTN2464

Bargello Jewel - PTNB0073

Chickadees - PTN2289

Snowy Polar Bear - PTN2291

Log Cabin Trees - PTN2183

Mermaids and Fishes - PTN2191

Canada Geese - PTN2154

Starry Western Mantras - PTN2156

Woodland Haunt - PTN2092

Oh Canada Sixes Table Set - PTN2052

Oh Canada Wall Quilt - PTN2051

Cheers Runner - PTN2028

Log Cabin Monogram - PTN1898

A Whale of a Time - PTN1873

Emerging Diamonds - PTN1841

Sunny Daze - PTN 1771

Butterfly Blossoms - PTN 1789

Fractured Geese - PTN1744

Karma Spirit - PTN1699

Half Log Cabin - PTN1591

Wilderness Winter - PTN1564

Cross Roads - PTN1542

9 Patch Bars - PTN1510

3D Boxes - PTN1502

Fire Within - PTN1404

Shadow Play - PTN1403

Little Mermaids - PTN1385

Reindeer Prance - PTN1428

White Cranes - PTN1344

Up and Away - PTN1251

Starry Nights Snowflakes - PTN1116

Whiskers Garden Paths - PTN1021

Butterfly Passion - PTN776

Chevron Geisha Kimono - PTN671