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Karen Bialik of The Fabric Addict

Karen Bialik and husband, Gary, started The Fabric Addict in 2006 in Lethbridge AB, Canada. They have grown to a 3700 sq ft store with 4 employees.  Karen has been sewing since her preschool days (50 years!).

Favourite quilt types would be traditional blocks set in an untraditional way. Favourite colour: azure. Favourite fabric: deep saturated colours with metallic highlights. She has been quilting for about 40 years, usually making up her own designs.

After opening the store, Karen would often get frustrated with mistakes found in commercial patterns, and desided to start designing and selling her own patterns. A Designing Monster was born! There is a lot of math and figuring in pattern writing, which Karen also likes. Staff test the new designs (a really nice perk). Gary is the best pattern folder/stuffer. Gary also does many of the diagrams in the patterns which make them very easy to understand.

Karen usually uses EQ7 for designing, but also takes paper, pencil and calculator everywhere. She spends much of her summer in Nova Scotia (where they lived for 17 years), so she's a landlocked prairie girl with sea salt in her blood. 

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Patterns by this Designer
PTN3326 - In The Wild

PTNP085 - Happy Dance

Falling Leaves - PTN3272

Tapestry - PTNP071

Carpenter's Apprentice - PTN3315

I Love You - PTN3312

Old Rugged Cross - PTN3305

October Morning - PTN5092

Star Tracks - PTN3264

My Dresden Garden - PTNP053

Heart Flowers - PTNP050

My Happy Place - PTN3210

Split Decision - PTNB0403

Safe Harbor - PTNB0424

Dresden Runner & Placemats - PTNB0409

Half Moon Rising - PTNP5086

Star Americana - PTNP5077

Split Decision - PTNP5088

Windblown - PTNB0362

Tile Works - PTNB0374

Star Crossed - PTNB0355

My Dresden Garden - PTNP036

Mountaintops - PTN3137

Easy Stars - PTN3147

Freedom - PTN3077

City Sidewalks - PTNP031

Color My World - PTN3067

Split Decision - PTNP020

Center Field - PTN3104

Rush Hour - PTNB0340

Crystalized - PTNB0332

Woven Rainbow - PTN5050

Half Moon Rising - PTNP5056

Knotted Runner - PTNB0303

Dawn's Early Light - PTN3028

Colorful Silence - PTN6023

Mesa Star Table Runner & Placemats - PTN2998

Cabin Trails - PTN2992

Easy As ABC - PTN3016

Old Rugged Cross - PTN2966

Ferris Wheel - PTN2965

Beneath The Stars - PTN2894

Waltzing Butterflies - PTN5029

Amazing Grace - PTN2872

Canadian Poppies - PTN2836

A Cheerful Tune - PTN2857

Show Off - PTN2803

Love a Panel - PTN2816

Rainbow Mountain - PTN5025

Sunset At Sea - PTN5026

Chip Off the Old Block - PTN5007

Diamond Drops - PTN5004

True Patriot Love - PTN2758

Through the Looking Glass - PTN2754

Churn Around - PTN2726

Photo Album - PTN2707

Memory Lane - PTN2641

Dream Escape - PTN2613

Go Fish - PTN2586

Framed Log Cabins - PTN2545

Whispering Oaks - PTN2578-10

PTN2566-10 Skylights

Maple Syrup - PTN2559

Panelrama - PTN2571

Reflections - PTN2549

Cardinal Wreath - PTN2490

Picture This Country - PTN2502

Scattered Leaves - PTN2453

High Tide - PTN2465

Fat Dominoes - PTN2308

Gradient Star - PTN2411

Pebbles - PTNB0072

Sunset at Sea - PTN2305

Heart Throb - PTNB0043

Out My Window - PTN2209

Autumn Splendor - PTN2246

Picture This - PTN2184

Picture This - PTN2155

Among the Stars - PTN2007

Written in the Stars - PTN1896

Final Whistle - PTN1879

Carpenter's Square - PTN1869

Carpenter's Square - PTN1869

Carpenter's Square - PTN1869

Tray of Diamonds - PTN 1813

Heart Throb - PTN 1787

Glorious and Free! - PTN1649

Courtyard - PTN1637

Floating Frames - PTN1594

Winter Frolic - PTN1614

Dream Weaver - PTN1577

Diamond Mine - PTN1575

Boxed Bow Ties - PTN1526

Serene Scenes - PTN1571

You Grow Girl! - PTN1505

Gradating Stars - PTN1407

Starring a Panel - PTN1381

3 Piece Ensemble - PTN1397

Remembrance - PTN1436

PTN1322 Our Hearts Will Go On

Elegante - PTN1360

Hounds-Tooth Made Easy - PTN1298

Mad for Plaid - PTN1312

Fat Dominos - PTN1262

Out My Window - PTN1248

Easy Street - PTN1102

Holiday Garland - PTN1113

Bon Appetit - PTN1067

Final Whistle - PTN990

The Cat's Meow - PTN1023

Wilderness Retreat - PTN985

Panel Plus - Ahoy Matie - PTN948

Oriental Garden PTN930

Garden Trellis - PTN966

Easy Angles - PTN920

Hot Cross Buns - PTN915

Strip Easy Chevrons - PTN912

Oh Canada! - PTN894

Water Garden - PTN861

Flight of Fancy - PTN801

Songbird Serenade - PTN803

Attic Window Twist- PTN777

Love of Home Sampler - PTN760

Fanfare - PTN668

Shadows of the Orient - PTN656

Dino Maze - PTN660

Starry Windows - PTN605

Persian Mosaic - PTN588

Jungle Paths - PTN398