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Jean Boyd of Patterns by Jean Boyd

Jean has been designing and publishing patterns since 1997 and has been a Northcott designer since 2002. Her patterns cover a broad range of styles including modern quilts, memory quilts, traditional design, stitchery and Red Work.

Her work has been published in several magazines in both Canada and the United States. She is currently on the Editorial Advisory Board for Quilter's Connection, Canada's only quilting magazine, and is a frequent contributor in A Needle Pulling Thread magazine and the QuiltSocial blog.

Jean holds a Fiber Arts Certificate in quilting and has taught extensively throughout Canada, including six national Quilt Canada conferences. She was named Canadian Teacher of the Year in 2003 by the Canadian Quilters Association and has won numerous awards for her quilts.



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Patterns by this Designer
Seaside Escape - PTNP055

Amore - PTN5081

Baby Safari - PTN3138

Snuggle Up - PTN3146

'Tis The Season - PTNB0329

Holiday Fun - PTNP5053

Time For Tea - PTN3004

Wild Card PTNP012

Have a Heart - PTN5027 (Love O' The Irish)

Have a Heart - PTN5027 (Flirty)

Snow Globe Fun - PTNB0267

Beaver Bricks - PTNB0253

Stay Warm! - PTN2914

Fright Night - PTN5031

Bedazzled - PTN5038

Hope and Dreams - PTN2948

Peacock Garden - PTN2880

Let's Sew - PTN2876

Piccadilly Square - PTN2902

Have a Heart - PTN5027 (Busy Bunny)

Desert Sun - PTN2868

Ocean Fun - PTN5022

Rocking Robots - PTN5023

Wonky Houses - PTN5014

Westport Village - PTN5003

Geese On The Go - PTNB0200

Bee My Honey - PTN2682

Window View - PTN2616

Stand on Guard - PTN2624

All Squared Away - PTN2527

Stepping Stones - PTN2552

Neon Night - PTN2573

PTN2577-10 Oak Park Window

Canadian Tribute Quilt - PTN2558-10

Connect The Dots - PTN2437

Follow Me North - PTN2462

Time Out - PTNB0061

Montrose Garden - PTNB0059

Mary's Garden - PTNB0050

Furry Friends - PTN2357

Happy Dance - PTN2351

Shanly Square - PTNB0045

Zig Zag - PTNB0029

Leaf Magic - PTN2248

Windblown - PTN2243

Patchwork Pizzazz - PTN2167

Square Dance - PTN2170

Puzzle Piece - PTN2186

Butterfly Garden - PTN2113

Greenbelt - PTN2108

Mountain View - PTN2141

Pumpkin Patch - PTN2085

Christmas Magic - PTN2074

Canadian Content - PTN2060

Zip Line - PTN1988

Flower Power - PTN1904

Harmony - PTN1891

Lemon Spritz - PTN1890

Food Frenzy - PTN1777

Wonky Strips - PTN1848

Moon Shadows - PTN 1801

Winter Village - PTN 1772

Tulip Time - PTN 1763

Tropical Popsicle - PTN1752

Solar Flair - PTN1742

Midnight Serendale - PTN1723

Summer Sisters - PTN1690

Central Square - PTN1662

Cloud 9 - PTN1596

Octagons - PTN1585

Tuscany Tiles - PTN1586

Full Circle - PTN1553

Fiesta - PTN1506

Back to Square One - PTN1417

Return Trip - PTN1424

Dad's Plaids - PTN1422

Ho Ho Ho! - PTN1377

Random Samples - PTN1340

All Eyes - PTN1292

All Squared Up - PTN1263

Zentangled Garden - PTN1229

Square Pegs - PTN1261

Winter Lace - PTN1115

Star Light, Star Bright - PTN1080

Birds of a Feather - PTN1053

Friendly Forest - PTN987

Paris Tiles - PTN942

Garden Gate - PTN962

Whirlygig - PTN982

Canadian Content - PTN893

Nine Patch Rails - PTN830

Birds & Berries - PTN804

“Easy Elegance” Table Set - PTN751

Three Cheers! - PTN741

Melbourne Medallions - PTN682

Island Pinwheel - PTN703

Grape and Vine - PTN721

All Sails Set - PTN642

Woodland Table Set - PTN651

Plate Rail - PTN613

Fanfare - PTN577

Courthouse Stars - PTN560

Wild Goose Chase - PTN510

Criss Cross - PTN480

Spring Fling - PTN468

Boy Toy - PTN453

Snow Patch - PTN335

Movin' Right Along - PTN233

Coquette - PTN213

Posie Patch

Kids on the Go - PTN227

Kids on the Go - PTN227

Parisian Garden - PTN170

Jungle Stars - PTN187

Hearts and Stars

Starry Night

Glimpses of Geishas

Haunted Houses

Go for the Gold!

Medal Dreams

Champion Spirit